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A salon and luxury boutique in Ridgewood NJ, Panico has become a unique blend of timeless, modern luxury filled with art, color and talent. Nestled in these ever changing cultural cities, the Panico name has continuously gained momentum – becoming a beauty solution destination. Each individual staff member, treatment, piece of art, decor, product and service has been carefully selected to ensure that clients have the most relaxing and rewarding experience the industry has to offer.

“We grow and groom our staff from within – cultivating each of our professionals to become the best they can in business and trade. Each one of us prides ourselves on our work and relationships, guaranteeing our clients leave satisfied,” says owner and top beauty expert, Jack Panico. “Our internal training academy and advanced education programs really put us on another level of excellence when it comes to outstanding quality and customer service. We live by the mantra ‘look good, feel good’ and apply it to all aspects of our lives. Our team exudes an unwavering level of attention, passion, style and beauty that remains unmatched.”

Why Panico

From the beginning, I knew I was joining a team far more advanced than the person I was at the time. When I was
first hired in Ridgewood, I was more than just impressed – I was charged. The level of professionalism and creativity
was overwhelming and I, like a sponge, couldn’t get enough. The same excitement is still with me today. My journey
throughout the years has shown me that few can compare to what this company has to offer in terms of community
involvement and employee appreciation and growth opportunity.

Why would prospective employees choose Panico?
The culture, staff and academy offer enough cause. We have the most dexterous artists and exceptional professionals stationed at every level and every department of the company. With over 40 years in business, we have much to draw on to help future technicians get started and advance through the industry. Our academy is second to none and our educators are endlessly seeking to showcase and share their talent with those around them

How would you describe the Panico culture?
The company exudes the essence of evolution in every aspect. The landscape and ambiance has shifted about once every 5 years. With the ongoing changes, a few things always remained the same – the fast paced, motivational environment and our incredibly diverse staff. The mesh of different age groups and ethnicities adds a certain element to daily salon life that makes serving our guests a great time.

How has Panico added value to your life?
I’ve made a career out of my passion and have been submerged in a workplace that promotes success. Hairdressing isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. I actually met my wife through Panico which, in turn, has led to three children and one grandchild. It’s amazing to know that so much love, joy and adoration stemmed from one environment. Not just love for others, but self-love as well.

What is the most appealing part of working at Panico?
We have the ability to play an active role in the development of staff members while being immersed in a group of exceptional and passionate artists. We are always working within our creative boundaries, surrounded by the best of the best. It’s inspirational.



144 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450


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