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With over 200 employees, we strive to ensure that our professionals are advancing their education throughout every stage of their careers. We offer weekly hands-on courses and demos to bridge the gap from the classroom to the floor. We aid in business development training to help our staff achieve their goals – short and long term. We also host guest artist classes to cover a vast array of techniques and technologies throughout the trade, internationally. Team members evolve into educators benevolent to the growth and development of others in the company, creating an unstoppable blend of craft and talent in various areas of the beauty world including traditional, modern, editorial and high fashion styles.


What is the most rewarding part about being an educator?

When I was an intern, I remember Jack Panico and his team had invested so much time into my development, creating the artist I am today. I am truly devoted to giving that back to our up and coming stylists by sharing my own passion and knowledge with them. On a busy Saturday, I look around the salon and see all of our stylists buzzing through their day and I see their clients expressing their gratitude while they leave with a smile. It fills me with a great sense of accomplishment watching each of them grow and become successful through our education program. It’s gratifying to visibly see the changes in them, over time, and to know that I played a role in altering their lives for the better. –Tom Harris

How does one become an educator?

I believe an educator must emulate excellence and attain an above-average skill-set while showcasing leadership skill and maintaining a professional demeanor. All of our educators begin as students, at an intern level, and work their way up through the stylist levels while learning every aspect of the art. They share a love for what they do as well as their community and want to make a difference in the world while understanding that change begins from within and then educating those around them. Those who share these traits began their journeys by initiating a dialogue with their Salon Director. –Peter Benvenuto

How did the Academy originate?

Our training program dates back to 1976, when four interns launched the academy while being trained by internationally renowned artists. Since then, the program has taken on a new identity and has grown into something spectacular. Each of us started from the bottom and has worked our way up, ensuring that we all share the same mindset and that we are all developing at a constant, upward rate. We can always count on having the highest industry standard when it comes to our team as we promote each other from within. –Tom Harris

Which renowned guest artists have we hosted?

Oribe Canales, Paul Mitchell’s Scott Cole and wife Linda Yodice, John Paul Dejoria, Nick Arojo. Numerous professionals from Luxury Brand Partners’ Oribe, R+CO, V76 by Vaughn, Redken, Bumble & Bumble and Aveda, Vidal and Elan Sassoon, Wella’s top stylist Nick Berardi, Winn Claybaugh, Michael Cole and a vast array of others. –Peter Benvenuto

What can interns expect from classes and demos?

Our demos and classes cover all aspects of hair cutting. We delve into foundational and advanced techniques and indulge in hair coloring so our rising stylists fully grasp formulation and procedure. We cover tactics from novice color application to expert level texture services, permanent waves, relaxing treatments and up-styling. All students have the opportunity to work with industry leaders and top stylists. We pride ourselves on delivering the most up-to-date courses to aid in the development and relevancy of our team. –Tom Harris

From September to June we have a live demo every other week with a weekly hands-on course. These classes are geared to enable interns to try new procedures, learn, make mistakes, and perfect as they go. Our world of hair is an on-going learning experience. Having this academy is perfect for education advancement and not many salons offer an in-house program, not to mention one of this caliber. –Paul Emma

How does an intern progress through the Academy?

Most permitted or licensed stylists begin as interns, learning all facets of salon life. Many duties include shampooing, washing and taking down of color, applying a single process, assisting with highlighting, blow drying, communication and consultations, etiquette, customer service, and many phases of treatments. They hone their skills while assisting stylists in the salon. Once they move into the personal assistant position they work one on one with top artists while undergoing assessment by the salon Director to ensure accuracy and artistic consistency. The next step as an intern stylist begins with performing services at an intern rate to get a grasp on the bustling environment and pressure of the clock. While going through this process, interns are required to attend weekly academy classes to further their education and expedite advancement while putting the tools from our Academy Manual into practice. When all services are executed in the highest quality and completed in an ideal time frame, the intern stylist graduates to a Level I stylist where their journey can really begin. –Paul Emma

What responsibilities come with the title of Educator?

Salon Directors and Educators oversee the growth and advancement of the team as a whole. Since we have stylists of all skillsets, it is important to assess and chart talents to maximize our learning and earning potential. Artistic Directors should exude the essence of the Panico spirit. They set the example to staff and clients and should emulate the behavior and demeanor of a true professional – helping, sharing, and mentoring for the advancement of the company and each other. –Paul Emma