Experience unrivaled by our competitors


Our experienced stylists will provide a full wash and blow-dry experience unrivaled by our competitors and suitable for any occasion.

We look forward to providing you with premium service complete with love, trust, and care. At Panico we don’t just offer services, we deliver an experience. It’s a lifestyle.

All prices are starting at and subject to additional costs.

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Call Panico Salon at 201-652-4515.

Stylist levels

To provide our members with the best possible experience Panico offers premium services from stylists of varying levels of experience at varying prices. Our stylists range from Level One all the way up to Master Stylist.

Level 1 – Panico’s Level 1 stylists are talented and competent. This level offers customers a premiere beauty experience at a reasonable price point.

Level 2 – Level 2 stylists are trained in all salon services and provide an excellent value for customers looking for a luxury experience without breaking the bank. Our Level 2 stylists have trained for years, they are amongst the best and brightest in the beauty industry.

Level 3 – Level 3 stylists further provide clients with a wealth of experience in all things hair and beauty. Level 3 offers a high-end level of service for an affordable price.

Level 4 – Level 4 stylists are extremely talented and knowledgeable. They have multiple years of experience providing services ranging from simple cuts to complex straightening and smoothing services. The luxury experience provided by Level 4 stylists is an incredible value.

Level 5 – Level 5 stylists are top experts in their field. Their years of experience providing services to high-profile clients in the fashion/beauty industries will ensure you’ll be cover-shoot-ready for any and all occasions.

Master Stylist – Master Stylists are simply the best at what they do. They have dedicated countless years to honing their craft and their commitment to beauty is unparalleled. The Master Stylist is the top level available and offers the customer the most premium luxury experience.

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